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Conferences, concerts, community events, awards dinners, workshops, sports, theatre and dance acts – I’ve covered them all. Whatever your event, I can provide beautiful images that capture the people, the places and the atmosphere. My clients receive a full set of high quality, high resolution photographs that document the very best of their events – everything from the unique little details to big panoramics, as well as natural, photo-journalistic style portraiture. I also provide all my images resized and ready prepped for easy, instant upload to the web, social media, etc. 

If you’re looking for someone to document your next event then why not get in touch for a chat?

You can see my Event Photography portfolio below. A selection of these images are also available to buy in the shop.

Please have a browse through my blog  to see more of my event photography, or scroll down for testimonials from some of my clients.

Vogue_Sugar_Ball_15.jpgEvent photography manchester-c27.jpgvintage event northwest photographer.jpgOxford_Inst_079_s.jpgevent photography north west.jpgIMG_4970 s.jpgVogue_Sugar_Ball_03.jpg2_Keynotes_AM_015_S.jpgDocumentary photography manchester.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_040.jpg5C3A2820_S.jpgEska_Brighter_Sound_016.jpg6_Keynote_PM_018_S.jpgEvent photography manchester.jpgIMG_8024_s.jpgSugar_Ball_2016_01.jpgPeeWeeEllis_062-c52.jpgevent photography northwest.jpgIMG_4870 s.jpgOxford_Inst_108_s.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_043.jpgEska_Brighter_Sound_017.jpgVogue_Sugar_Ball_07.jpgTwo FaceLoveManchester14.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_104.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_109.jpgThe Tolitrees at Dusk, Beatherderevent photography north west-c98.jpgPeeWeeEllis_040.jpgManchester Event Photographer.jpgIMG_6172 s.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_111.jpg9_Panel_027_S.jpgIMG_6026 s.jpgEvent photography manchester-c70.jpgevent photographer north west.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_046.jpgBooka ShadeManchester Event Photography.jpgToil Trees, Beatherder FestivalVogue_Sugar_Ball_14.jpgI_Live_Hip_Hop_030.jpgLoveManchester27.jpgvintage event photography manchester.jpgEvents photographer manchester.jpg5_Lunch_028_S.jpgSugar_Ball_2016_61.jpgVogue_Sugar_Ball_09.jpgevents photographer north west.jpgEska_Brighter_Sound_009.jpgEvents photography manchester.jpgLoveManchester17.jpgIMG_5558 s.jpgfire performer.jpgevent photography northwest-c55.jpgSugar_Ball_2016_56.jpgFerris wheelThe Power of Yellow, Kendal Arts festivalAs the World TippedEska_Brighter_Sound_008.jpgStuart McCallum %26 Jason Singh, EuroculturedDay or Nightvelvet badger festival round the fire.jpgVelvet Badger festivalfire portrait.jpgOrlyk Dance Girls, EuroculturedEska_Brighter_Sound_031.jpgKeyShots_Exhibition_05_S.jpgPedal powerMotor Cycle Stunt Team, Leek Showperformer checks his phone.jpgLove Poem to ManchesterThe Love WallKeyShots_Keynote_03_S.jpgManchester Glee Rehearsal 1Manchester Glee Rehearsal 2Manchester Glee PanoramicFront of the Pack, Manchester VelodromeCyclist Cropevent photographer manchester eurocultured.jpg

What my clients say:

“Rachel is a real pleasure to work with. Her non-intrusive style works really well at our events and we are always delighted with the results. She always goes that extra mile and we couldn’t ask for more.”

Adele Wordsworth, Business Development & Marketing Manager: Alarm Public Risk Management Association

“We booked Rachel to photograph an event at which we were performing for Zurich Insurance.  Not only is she a genuinely lovely person, but a consummate professional too.  We were very limited for time, and she managed to get all the shots we required – there was a long list!  She’s brilliant at making you feel relaxed whilst in front of the lens and is a truly talented photographer.   We will definitely book Rachel again and would not hesitate to recommend her to any client for any event.”

The Vernon Sisters

“Rachel has been photographing my events for a number of years now, providing me with a set of beautifully shot, high quality images that not only document the event on the whole but that always seem to capture some of the special moments that sometimes go unnoticed. In this, not only is she an accomplished and talented photographer but her attentiveness and tenacity mean that she gets right in amongst the action, or places herself quietly in a discreet corner to capture images that many would not. She is ultra reliable and committed- her passion often keeping her there longer than expected! Her friendly manner and professionalism make her an absolute pleasure to work with and I usually get a full set of images back within days of the event. You really couldn’t ask for more from a photographer!”

Danny Keehan, Project Manager: Thirty One Songs and The Factory Foundation

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