Velvet Badger Festival

The weekend of July 4-5th, 2014, saw the first ever Velvet Badger Festival – a small but perfectly formed music festival in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Here are some of my favourite images from the weekend.

Velvet Badger 2717.jpgElectromotive 1.jpgElectromotive 2.jpgElectromotive 3.jpgElectromotive 4.jpgVelvet Badger 2305.jpgVelvet Badger 2310.jpgVelvet Badger 2316.jpgVelvet Badger 2320.jpgVelvet Badger 2321.jpgVelvet Badger 2402.jpgBuffalo Brothers 2326.jpgBuffalo Brothers 2375.jpgBuffalo Brothers 2388.jpgBuffalo Brothers 2395.jpgVelvet Badger 2403.jpgVelvet Badger 2424.jpgVelvet Badger 2429.jpgVelvet Badger 2416.jpgVelvet Badger 2432.jpgVelvet Badger 2418.jpgVelvet Badger 2415.jpgVelvet Badger 2434.jpgVelvet Badger 2420.jpgVelvet Badger 2433.jpgVelvet Badger 2437.jpgVelvet Badger 2435.jpgVelvet Badger 2441.jpgVelvet Badger 2482.jpgMarc Constatine 2503.jpgMarc Constatine 2443.jpgMarc Constatine 2460.jpgMarc Constatine 2470.jpgVelvet Badger 2492.jpgMarc Constatine 2509.jpgVelvet Badger 2560.jpgVelvet Badger 2573.jpgVelvet Badger 2578.jpgVelvet Badger 2575.jpgVelvet Badger 2582.jpgVelvet Badger 2583.jpgVelvet Badger 2588.jpgVelvet Badger 2596.jpgVelvet Badger 2608.jpgVelvet Badger 2601.jpgVelvet Badger 2607.jpgVelvet Badger 2599.jpgVelvet Badger 2609.jpgVelvet Badger 2612.jpgVelvet Badger 2618.jpgVelvet Badger 2620.jpgVelvet Badger 2630.jpgVelvet Badger 2616.jpgVelvet Badger 2661.jpgVelvet Badger 2633.jpgVelvet Badger 2642.jpgVelvet Badger 2673.jpgVelvet Badger 2676.jpgThe Caulbearers 2742.jpgThe Caulbearers 2777.jpgVelvet Badger 2706.jpgVelvet Badger 2707.jpgVelvet Badger 2714.jpgVelvet Badger 2788.jpgPaddy Steer 2825.jpgPaddy Steer 2878.jpgPaddy Steer 2898.jpgPaddy Steer 2902.jpgPaddy Steer 2947.jpgVelvet Badger 2999.jpgVelvet Badger 3008.jpgVelvet Badger 3015.jpgVelvet Badger 3035.jpgVelvet Badger 3041.jpgVelvet Badger 3048.jpgVelvet Badger 3169.jpgVelvet Badger 3019.jpgVelvet Badger 3098.jpgVelvet Badger 3192.jpgVelvet Badger Miniplanet2540.jpg

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